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• Chewing gum, eating and drinking (excluding water) is not permitted in the studios, hallways or dressing rooms.

• Valuables should not be left unattended.

• It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to assure that all children behave appropriately at all times.

• Children should be picked up immediately following the end of class.

• PSB is alotted 8 parking spots in the front studio lot.  All 8 of our spots are marked "PSB."  (See detailed map below) 

 There are 3 additional spaces in the front lot marked "Visitor."  If these are unoccupied, you may park there.

 You may not park in any other spaces in the front lot!

 Additional parking is available at the Long & Foster Building - first driveway (if heading west on Lancaster Avenue) past PSB 

Regular attendance is critical to the development of each student. A dancer’s commitment to class and physical conditioning is the foundation of professional work.

Children are expected to arrive on time for class. If you are late, please wait at the door of the studio until the teacher invites you in. Students who arrive too late to participate in crucial warm-ups at the barre will not be allowed to take class. Please note, this policy protects students from physical injury.


If you must miss a class, please call the Studio to let us know.  A class may be made up at an equal level or one level below by appointment. Refunds are not given for missed classes.

A recommendation for the appropriate division based on a student’s prior experience will be made at the time of registration. Many factors contribute to the progress of dancers. Emotional maturity, physical development, comprehension, and body strength should be cultivated and nurtured allowing young dancers the discipline necessary to apply their natural talents. As these factors vary from individual to individual, young dancers may progress at differing rates. Many students require more than one year of study in a specific level. Students do not automatically advance to the next level each year and it is not unusual to remain in a level for two or more years where dancers can progress at a pace appropriate for them. Careful monitoring by the faculty may contribute to a change in a student’s level when appropriate. PSB POSITIONS STUDENTS ACCORDING TO SKILL LEVEL, REGARDLESS OF AGE.

Level Placement Classes
The first week of class will be used as a placement week and, at the instructor’s discretion, a child may be moved if the teacher feels that the assigned level is not appropriate. We do understand that many of the children enjoy class with friends; however, we greatly appreciate your cooperation if another class selection is recommended.

We strongly recommend that all students in the Graded or Pre-Professional Division take a minimum of two classes weekly, particularly those students studying pointe.


PSB reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements.

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